About Seatown Marine

The history of SeaTown Marine can be traced back to a meeting between two individuals with a shared passion for the marine industry. Local entrepreneur and successful offshore oil driller, Corey Falls, crossed paths with Earl Greencorn, one of PEI’s most respected marine mechanics. This encounter marked the beginning of a lifelong partnership that would lay the groundwork for SeaTown Marine.

Corey Falls, with his extensive experience in the offshore oil industry, had developed a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the marine sector. Earl Greencorn, on the other hand, had built a solid reputation as a skilled marine mechanic, well-known for his exceptional workmanship and commitment to customer satisfaction. Recognizing the potential in combining their unique skillsets and experiences, Corey and Earl decided to join forces and establish SeaTown Marine. Their shared vision was to create a comprehensive marine services company that catered to the needs of the commercial fishing industry and pleasure craft market in PEI.

Drawing upon Corey’s entrepreneurial expertise and Earl’s technical know-how, SeaTown Marine began offering a wide range of services, including boat maintenance and repair, marine engine servicing, and marine parts supply. The company’s dedication to customer satisfaction and technical excellence quickly set it apart from the competition, propelling SeaTown Marine to the forefront of the industry. As SeaTown Marine continues to evolve, the legacy of its founders will remain at the heart of its ongoing success.